Body Positivity & Loving Yourself!

Hello, my lovelies!Today's blog post is over something that is really important to me and I think a lot of people struggle with. A lot of people, both women and men, struggle with self love and being confident in their own body. People of any size, from 0 to 30, all have struggles with their [...]

Personal Tag: From One Blogger To Another

The lovely Marielli ( Unpredictable Mom blog and SweetxSour Beauty) tagged me to do a blogger tag where you answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you and then you answer the questions in a blog post and tag more people! I love blogging tags because you guys get to know more about me [...]

Review: Gigi’s Beauty Haven

Welcome back to Glitz and Glitter! Today's review is over a few sample products from a fabulous company called Gigi's Beauty Haven. The lovely Brittni sent me a packet of samples and I reviewed them over this past week. (I apologize for the lack of photos! I totally forgot to take any after I opened [...]

Splurge or Save Review: Ouidad Advanced Climate Control hair products & Shiseido

Welcome back to Glitz & Glitter! If you are just now stumbling across my blog, hi there and thanks for checking out my blog! This Monday's review is over the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control hair products line and Shiseido's Ultimate Sun Protection Cream (face). Let's get on to the reviews! I have naturally curly red [...]