Jamberry Nail Wraps from Laila | review

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Hi, babes! Welcome back to Glitz & Glitter, the best little place on the internet.  Here at Glitz & Glitter, we (and by “we”, I mean me, myself, and I) stand for happiness, uniqueness, and all things lovely.  If you want to be a part of the Glitz & Glitter Tribe, hit that follow button and you are automatically a part of the tribe! 

Today’s review should have been up a while ago, but Blogtober called and then things in my life blew up, so the schedule was thrown out of whack.  A while back, a lovely gal named Laila sent me two sample packs of Jamberry nail wraps to try out and review and I can’t wait to tell you about them.  You have probably seen nail wraps before (they are also called nail stickers) in your local shop, but if you haven’t here is a picture of them! 


Nail wraps are nail stickers that apply to your nail and seal with heat (I used my hair dryer).  They last for a while and they don’t chip like nail polish does! There is no drying time spent worrying about accidentally denting a nail and redoing anything; just apply, heat, press, and voila! I heated the wraps multiple times while they were on my nails and while I shaped them so I would get the best seal I could.  I did have problems with the wraps lifting, but that was my own fault.  I am a novice at applying the wraps so they definitely weren’t perfect.  There were creases at the sides and I picked at them throughout the week (I know: BAD. Piece of advice: don’t pick at them, no matter how tempting it is!) so that did factor into the short wear time.  

The nail wraps are great and I still have some left over! The next time I use them, I am certainly going to have a nail station with everything prepared in front of me so I won’t be scrambling for anything! 

I stupidly forgot to take photos of when I wore the wraps, so I don’t have a picture of me wearing them.   I do plan on trying the nail wraps again and hopefully perfecting them, so when I do, I’ll be adding the images on this post! 


Thank you so much, Laila, for sending me the nail wraps and for being so understanding about my late posting! I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! 

Laila’s links will be down below, so make sure to check them out! 

I hope you have a fabulous week and don’t forget to smile and listen to amazing music! 


Laila’s Links:

Jamberry Website



Yummy Halloween Treats | Blogtober

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Hey, babes! Welcome back to the spooktacular and fun month we have here on Glitz & Glitter! As you may have noticed, all of the Blogtober posts here are in collaboration with other amazing bloggers who produce great content. I am so excited for this post because there are 3 yummy treats for you to try out this October! This post is in collaboration with Cait over at Lipsticks and Acrylics, so make sure to check out her post and give it some love

Originally, I had made a spooky and bloody-looking cake for this post but that was a minor disaster. So I scrapped the entire thing and started from scratch! The treats and drink featured in this post are relatively healthy (better than cake, at least, and certainly more edible than my first attempt!) and delicious, so make sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post so you can make them yourself!

The first sweet eat is none other than a chocolate chip pumpkin loaf! I got up and made this bread early this morning (bad time management on my part earlier this week!) and it filled my house with the tantalizing aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, and chocolate! Yum! While the bread baked, I got some of my work finished and tried not to fall back asleep! The bread is super yummy and moist (nothing worse than a dried out bread loaf!) and the chocolate chips add a perfect touch. I love chocolate in any form so when I saw that you could add a ½ cup of chocolate chips, I couldn’t throw the bag of them into my shopping cart fast enough!


The next eat on the list is honey crisp baked apples! I had never made baked apples before, so this was something I really wanted to try! They were very delicious and tasted like fall..that is, if fall had a taste. It tastes great with walnuts but if you have an allergy to them, you absolutely can leave them out! Baked apples are great for fall and I can totally see sitting on the couch while watching a spooky movie and eating a honey crisp baked apple! These baked apples are also vegan and gluten free!

Okay, our last treat is actually a drink that everyone (or mostly everyone) has tried before, unless you are like me and in this case, you have never had this drink…the pumpkin spice latte! I am probably the only person on earth who hasn’t had a PSL so I figured “why not try a PSL but instead of going to a coffee shop, let’s just try to make one!” So that is exactly what I did! I used a recipe that called for almond milk (or coconut milk) and a few other simple ingredients. This PSL is vegan, paleo, and dairy-free (hello, almond milk!), so you don’t have to feel the guilt of going to Starbucks and buying their PSL. Plus I would rather make my own pumpkin spice latte instead of going to Starbucks, so I gave it a shot!

This was a great drink to try and I am so glad I made this one! I have a lot of pumpkin and almond milk left over, so I am going to be having a lot more of these this month!

Make sure to go check out Cait’s blog post over on her blog Lipsticks and Acylics! Also go make sure to go follow her on Instagram because her content is great and she is at 99 followers as of right now, so go put her way over 100 follows!

The links for all of the recipes are right below! If you make any of the recipes, make sure to tag me in your pictures on Instagram @glitz_glitter_blog! I would love to give your photo a like and leave a comment!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and happy Friday! There is going to be a brand new post out on Sunday! I was sent two sample packs of nail wraps from Laila with Jamberry and I am so excited to post my review!

Have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget to smile!


Recipe Links:

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Loaf

Honey Crisp Baked Apples

Vegan, Dairy-Free, and Paleo Pumpkin Spice Latte

Maple Holistics Conditioner Review

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Hello, babes!

Welcome back to Glitz & Glitter!

Today’s post is a review of a product that was sent to me by Maple Holistics. You may have heard of them from Marielli (thelatinabeautyfix), a friend of mine who has an amazing blog! She has reviewed some of their products before and I am happy that I get to review one of their products for you guys!

I was sent the Hair Superfood Thickening Conditioner to test out a month or so ago, but due to the backup of blog posts and some crazy things in my personal life, I am just now getting to post this.

Let’s start off with a bit of factoids about the conditioner!

  • It is a thickening conditioner, so it is meant for thinning hair. Granted, I don’t have a problem with thinning hair, as my hair is quite thick naturally, but I still wanted to give this product a try!
  • It has a special tingling effect from the menthol and tea tree oil that are in the product. There are a lot of natural ingredients in this conditioner and I love the tingle!
  • It has Volumizing and Oil Therapy.

The conditioner is great and I really think it will be a great product for you if your hair is starting to thin out a bit and you want to get the volume back into your hair. Again, my hair is very thick, so I really can’t tell you if it made my hair thicker or not. My hair did seem to have a bit of volume to it, though, so that is a plus! The tingle is also great, especially since I used the conditioner with my Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo! Double the tingly clean effect!

I couldn’t find an exact price for the conditioner because I couldn’t find it on the website, but the conditioners on their website retail for around $12. If you are looking for a more natural conditioner that also combats thinning hair, I would suggest you give this a try!

Thank you to Maple Holistics for sending me this product!

I hope you guys have an absolutely fabulous week and don’t forget to smile!


Halloween Inspired Makeup Looks | Blogtober

Hi, babes! Welcome back to another spooktacular Blogtober post on Glitz and Glitter!

Today’s post is in collaboration with Jess (aka queensapphireuk) and there are going to be Halloween makeup looks on both of our blogs, so be sure to check out her post on her blog. Jess’s Instagram and blog links will be below, so go follow her!

The first look I have is a dark plum look, both for eyes and lips. I use a lot of dark berry shades during the fall months and a sharp black wing always compliments that! On Halloween and the weeks working up to it, I like to go for darker looks, so both of the next looks are perfect for Halloween!

The first look is more intense because of the wing but the second look is a lot easier because it doesn’t take as much time as the first one. Wings are a work of art and those buggars take time!

The third look is the easiest because it is a basic makeup and a fun orange lipstick look. It reminds me of pumpkins and crisp leaves falling, which is probably why I love it!

I am definitely not the best at makeup (obviously) but I try my best!

Don’t forget to go check out Jess’s post!

I hope you have a great day and an even better weekend!

Jess’s links:

Blog: queensapphire.co.uk

Insta: @queensapphireuk

Rossario George | Interview With Tony Vincente

Tony Vincente interview blog title

Hi, babes!

Today’s post is a special one and it is the first ever of its kind of Glitz and Glitter! If you follow me on Instagram and you saw my Insta story from Monday, you will have seen that there is a surprise project with Tony Vincente, Founder and CEO of Rossario George, a luxury fashion and home brand. Tony just recently launched his website Rossario George in partnership with Vida. I interviewed Tony about Rossario George, his brand, and more! You guys are also getting a special offer at the end of the blog post, so keep your eyes open for that!

Without any further adieu, here is the fabulous interview! My text will be italicized in black and Tony’s answers are the bold blue texts.

  1. What inspired you to start Rossario George? You said on your website that your mother and sister helped culture a love for all things fashionable and couture in your life; how do you think that their influence has had an impact on your brand? Rossario George was the next step for my business. I have been a business owner since 2009 and Rossario George is its final evolution. It was serendipitous how it came about. Vida reached out to me to see if I had an interest in designing for them. I have always wanted to be a fashion designer but did not have the sources to make this a reality. When Vida call all that changed. My passion for fashion started when I was early, to which I owe to my mother and sister. Both have since left this earth and I think in many ways both are guiding my designs and business choices. I named my first shoe line the “Yvette” heels after my sister and waiting for the right thing to name after my mom. Stay tuned!
  1. The majority of the collections in Rossario George have a predominately Grecian theme and style, which is something that I find very unique and ingenious. The patterns and colors are vibrant and they remind me of one of my favorite time periods and Grecian mythology. The Icarus and Persephone collections are two of my particular favorites. What led you to design with Grecian themes? First, I want to say I am happy you like the “Icarus” and “Persephone” lines! Second, I love the Greco-Roman era of design. It was a truly magical time filled with majestic arts and amazing mythical tales. When I was a kid, nothing made me happier to sit and read stories of Mythology and Greek mythology was my favorite genre. I guess this love never went away only gaining life through my designs.
(right: “Icarus” unisex t-shirt. left: “Persephone” wrap.)

3. Your brand definitely delivers when it states luxury. From pocket squares and pendants to pillows and handbags, everything is unique and has quality. When you were in the beginning stages of creating Rossario George, did you have a vision of what you wanted your brand to be? Oh my god, I so love you Mimi! Keep the compliments going! When it comes to my brand vision, I had one in place for some time. Vincente Living was ready for its next steps and Rossario George was it. Overall, this brand is about providing high quality, timeless and luxurious pieces for men, women and the home.

(Rossario George pillows. Available with or without insert.)
  1. There are a lot of collections on Rossario George and each one is unique in its own way. What is your favorite collection from Rossario George? I have to say I am proud of all of my collections but I am total shoe FANATIC so my shoe collections hold a special place in my heart. Especially the “Bellissima” patent leather boot. Live for those!
  1. On your blog you said that when Vida asked if you would consider collaborating with them, what was going through your mind? It must have been incredible to know that a brand that had previously collaborated with Cher was knocking on your door and loved your style! I was beyond ecstatic and still am to this day. Vida is an amazing company to work with and just as you stated I get to design for a company that works with freakin CHER! To say I am honored and blessed is an understatement.
“Water Maiden” tank top
  1. Your style and the style of Rossario George collections are one of a kind. When I looked at the website before I contacted you on Twitter, I was blown away by the individuality of your brand and pieces. It drew me in and I instantly knew that it was something I wanted to collaborate on. The shoes, the wraps, the pillows, everything is absolutely amazing and I hope to purchase all of your designs at some point in my life! One of the things that also stood out to me was that Rossario George is inclusive. The shoes sizes up to a 13 in most of the collection, there are plus and petite sizes. It’s amazing! When you were designing Rossario George, did you know that having a large range of sizes was something you wanted to do? Absolutely! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and Rossario George is a brand that will ALWAYS reflect that.
“god and man” unisex t-shirt
  1. I read through your blog and read why you named your brand Rossario George. It was very touching and I believe the name suits the brand very well. It brings a sense of taste and charm to your collections. When a person wearing your fashion is asked what brand they are wearing, they will look at the curious admirer and say “Rossario George” and the style and name go together effortlessly. For those who are not aware as to why you chose Rossario George as your brand name, would you please give the back story to it? It would be my honor. Rossario George was the name of my partner’s father. He was a man of grace and elegance. I wanted to honor his memory and take from it pieces to grow mine. I’m a private person but I will share no one is more important in this world than my partner. No one has encouraged me more to be who I am now.
“Persephone” pendant

8. I know you have a special deal for my lovely readers! What will they receive with your fabulous coupon code? I do indeed! Everyone reading this get a brand new car! Just kidding! Child I am not Oprah status (yet) but hopefully your awesome fashionistas reading this will enjoy $50 off my shoe collection for the entire month of October. Use Discount code: SHOPSHOES during checkout.

  1. Thank you so much for the interview! I can’t wait to see where your collections take you and your future success! With that kind of style, you are definitely going to be a big name to look out for at Fashion Week! Thank you Mimi! When the time comes, you definitely have a front row seat to our show.

There you have it, loves! Tony’s line is absolutely stunning and it is so luxurious and vibrant! His style is unmatched and I am so happy that I get to tell you guys about Tony and his incredible brand!

Tony’s shoe collection is so stylish and you get to use that special code for the entire month of October! Remember, at check out apply code SHOPSHOES!

Just look at those shoes! How gorgeous are they?! The stiletto is in the style “Yvette” and the boot is “Esme”. The names are just as beautiful as the shoes!And remember, you guys have a $50 off discount code!

I can’t wait to see where Tony goes in life!

As usual, I hope you have a great day and don’t forget to smile!

My Wish Box Experience | A Wish For You


Hello, beauties!

About a month ago, I contacted A Wish For You, a company that sends a customized box to someone you love or to someone who you think needs a little pampering.  They let me customize a Wish box to send to someone and I am blogging about my experience working with them and ordering from them.

Now, you guys know that I am completely honest when I review something.  If the product isn’t the best, I’m not going to lie and say that it is great, even if it is a sponsored post.  If I love it, I want you guys to love it, too! With that said, let’s talk about A Wish For You!

I loved working with them! Their website is so easy to use and the person I worked with was very friendly and willing to work with me.  I really love it when a company has great customer service because it shows that they really care about who is buying their product and using their services.

So here is how A Wish For You works:

Step One: Select an item that you would like to have in your Wish box! There are a bunch of cute things to choose from and it was really hard to pick just one thing!

Once you have found your gift, you then continue on to Step 2, which is picking out the perfect card to go with your Wish box!

Then you have the option of adding a small message to the person receiving the Wish box!

It is so easy to do and your gift is something that comes from the heart! The gifts start at $10 and it is such a bargain! The boxes from A Wish For You are the perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just a little something to let someone know that you appreciate them! You get a tracking number for your order and it is very easy to see where your box is and when it is delivered to your recipient!

I customized a Wish box and had it sent to my friend Malori (you may already know her from her blog A Walk Through My Closet).  I found it hard to pick just one thing to send to her because all of the memento options from A Wish For You are all lovely! Once I found out what I wanted to send her, I picked out a cute pumpkin card and finalized my order!

This is the package I had sent to Malori! She is a huge autumn lover so the pumpkin card was perfect!

I would totally order from A Wish For You again and I recommend that you do, too!

Thank you so much, A Wish For You, for working with me! I love all of your gifts and your company is amazing!

Thank you, Malori, for sending me the photos of your Wish box!!

Have a great weekend guys and don’t forget to check out A Wish For You when you need a special gift to send to someone you love! I will have their Twitter and website links below!


A Wish For You links~

Spooky Films for Halloween | Blogtober

Spooky Films banner Blogtober


Hello, babies! Welcome back to Glitz & Glitter!

Today’s spooktacular post is in collaboration with the lovely Meggan (aka Cardigan Jezebel) and Blogtober here at Glitz & Glitter is all about fall, Halloween, and everything trick-or-treat! As I am sure you can tell by the title, Meggan and I are writing about creepy and cool films that will last you throughout the Halloween season!

My list of films are ones that I have watched and I love to watch every October! Grab a cup of witch’s brew and let’s fly!

An American Werewolf in London


David Naughton plays David (so incredibly original, I know!) the American who, after being bitten by a werewolf, transforms every full moon into the hairy beast that is a werewolf! There is a lot more back story to the film, though. David and his friend Jack are backpacking in England and they stumble into a pub (The Slaughtered Lamb!) only a few hours before the next full moon (dun dun dun!). They end up being kicked out of the pub and end up lost on the moors. They are attacked by a werewolf and only David survives, but there’s a twist! David carries the last of the werewolf’s blood and is now part of the bloodline. I’m going to try to stop myself here because I don’t want to give all of the film away, but there is a lot more to the story! If you stumble upon this movie while you are about shopping, buy it or rent it! It is a great Halloween movie!

Edward Scissorhands

Okay, Edward Scissorhands isn’t directed towards Halloween, but it is a Tim Burton film, so it can count! If you love Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, and the amazing Dianne Wiest, you will like Edward Scissorhands! It is rather strange but it is very very cool and you should watch it at least once in your life! Johnny Depp has scissors for (of course) hands, which makes some aspects of life very difficult, but he has a talent for making amazing characters and shapes out of yard hedges, giving a poodle a new poofy ‘do, and all of the ladies funky hair! I love Tim Burton and this is a great film for any time of the year, but perfect for cuddling up on the couch with a Halloween themed popcorn munch mix (coming out in another Blogtober collab on the 27th!)



Ghostbusters is a classic! Whether you watch the 1984 original with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis (fave!!), or the newer 2016 revamp with Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Kristen Wiig, your Ghostbuster choice will be the boo of the ball! I am a fan of both versions, but I love the original just a little bit more. I’m all about the originals!


Dun dun…dun dun…dun dun dun dun dun dun DUH DUH DUUUH….

Jaws is the reason you sneak up behind your sister in the pool while trying to recreate the famous tune out loud (or in your head..gotta keep the element of surprise) and smack her leg under water or lunge at her. Just me? Okay.

I love Jaws and it is possibly my favorite Spielberg film. It has suspense, blood, peril, all of the stuff that makes a good thriller! Bring that into the water and you will have hundreds of kids afraid to stick their big toe into a puddle! Good job, Steven Spielberg! Now, there isn’t really anything about Jaws that makes it directed for the Halloween season, but this post is all about spooky or scary movies and Jaws scared me for years. You see one head pop out of the side of a boat and that’s it.



Beetlejuice..Beetlejuice…Beetlejui- wait! Can’t say it thrice!

Ah yes, another Tim Burton film! What twisted things (or cool, in my opinion) must go on in that beautiful brain to create such films! Burton brings another classic with Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Winona Ryder, and Geena Davis (my queen!).  The first time I saw Beetlejuice, it really freaked me out, but now I have a weird appreciation for it.  I also really love Michael Keaton, so that might be another reason why I love the character Beetlejuice.

Onto our final film of the list!



Oh, yes, people with coulrophobia! Prepare to be freaked out..or mildly upset.

Tim Curry plays IT, aka Pennywise, aka The Dancing Clown. Now, I am sure you have heard of the recent remake of IT, but we are all about classics here at Glitz and Glitter and Bill Skarsgård won’t be breaking up this party! Sorry, Bill.

I have only seen the original film and while I do actually want to see the new one, I have no one who would want to go see it with me and I really don’t want to go by myself. I think strangers find it particularly offending when you jump in the lap and scream “HOLD ME!” while crying into their neck. If you have seen the new one, leave me a comment and tell me what you think of it! New or Old?

So back to the film! Pennywise is a clown (duh, Mimi.) and he terrorizes a bunch of kids in a town and bites off the arm of my favorite child, Georgie. If the killer clown epidemic ever comes back, I will run at one with a saw in my hand, screaming “This is for Georgie!” I am still not over Georgie.

A group of misfit kids come together to get rid of the clown (which is also an alien, I believe.) and once they realize he runs on the fear of others, they try not to be afraid of him, or at least not show their fear. It works, he leaves, but IT returns years later and the kids have to own up to their childhood promise of returning to their town if the clown ever came back. I hate the original ending of IT because I have zero closure and that is not okay.

There you have it, loves! My rundown of my favorite films for Halloween! I’m not really into super scary movies or ones that involve demonic possession, so that is why a lot of good and frightening films aren’t in the list. Scares me for lifetimes.

I hope you have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend! Please go read Meggan’s fabulous post on her site here!

This post did go up late and I apologize. I slept in later than I intended and I have a memorial service to attend today, so this is kind of rushed.

If you did enjoy this post and can’t wait for more spooky fun this month for Blogtober, I would love it if you gave it a like and shared it on Twitter or any other places on the interwebs!