This Year In Review

This Year In Review

Hi there, babes! Can you believe this year is almost over? A new year is dawning and with that comes new opportunity, hope, and the excitement of change. This year, especially the past 7 months, have been so incredible for me. So many things, both good and bad, have happened and I have grown because [...]

Get Your Money Back: 2017 Product Flops

Get Your Money Back: 2017 Product Flops

Hi, babes! Happy Thursday! Today's post is a collection of my least favorite products from 2017.  I have a small bin full of products that were rather disappointing and I'm here to share them with you. Grab a snack, grab some tea, let's go! Note: please excuse some of the horrid photos! My camera failed [...]

Blogmas | Day 6

  Hi, loves! The pressure and stress during Christmas is almost inevitable, especially if you are going out of town to celebrate for the holidays.  With 4 days left until Christmas, you may be getting ready to get on a plane to go see family, friends, or take time for yourself this holiday season.  Whatever [...]

Blogmas | Day 5

Happy Saturday, babies! Today's Blogmas post is a great one and a collaboration with one of my favorite bloggers, Cait from Lipsticks and Acrylics.  She is tackling a holiday inspired drink and I tried my hand at a dessert! Make sure to check out her post! When I was trying to find a good recipe [...]

Blogmas | Day 4

  Things I Learned From Christmas With the Kranks... I love Christmas and all that it stands for. Some of our family traditions involve watching our favorite Christmas movies and my personal favorite is Christmas With the Kranks. Today's post is a blogger collab with Phy. She is writing about the same theme but with [...]

Blogmas | Day 3

Merry Blogmas, loves! Out of all of the shopping apps on my phone, Etsy is my favorite.  I love being able to look at small businesses and unique shops while being in the comfort of my own home.  There are thousands of different products to look at and you can look at the shop's customer [...]