A Letter To My Future Partner

Dear future whoever you are, 

I hope by this point we are settled down into our amazing beach bungalow and can hear the ocean every morning when we wake up. The coffee bar we installed in the kitchen was a great idea! 

After lots of trial and error, here we are. Finally happy and finally settled. Until then, this is what I hope. 

For you: I hope your current partner is treating you well and you are learning from this time in your life. I hope that you are cultivating yourself and growing daily, seeing life as an exciting journey laden with beauty and splendor. Don’t let the bad days get you down and don’t be too pedal to the metal; I want you to make it to me! Right now the world is crazy and people are starting to unite together and talk about things that make them uncomfortable and learning how to grow from them to do better, and I truly hope that you are one of them. Enjoy the moments that are right now, see the joy in where you are now. Please don’t take a single second for granted. Right now, you are turning into the person you are meant to be. I truly hope that you use proper grammar and spelling because that is a big pet peeve of mine. Or if you don’t right now then you do when we are together! 

For myself: I hope you are able to see past your current hardships and sorrows. Things haven’t been easy lately but you are strong and you are growing every day; I am so proud of us. Please keep fighting for your dreams because I promise someday you are going to get there. Don’t ever stop fighting for what you believe in. You are someone’s dream and hope, so please don’t settle. Enjoy life and the things that make you happy. Seek joy and trust in His plan for you. It’s a beautiful plan! Everything is a stepping stone to where you are going to be in the future. Trust in that. 

By whatever point we are at in the future wherever we are, I hope that we are happy and that we have finally found our Person in each other. I pray that we wake up every morning thankful for each other and that even when we get into arguments, we look past them and still go to bed happy.  I probably haven’t met you yet and that’s okay. It’ll happen someday. Until then, please find wonder in the sunshine and rainbows and please don’t be intimidated by mine. My dreams are big and I want you to be in them. 

I’ll meet you at the coffee bar or the porch swing! 

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