Maple Holistics Conditioner Review

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Hello, babes!

Welcome back to Glitz & Glitter!

Today’s post is a review of a product that was sent to me by Maple Holistics. You may have heard of them from Marielli (thelatinabeautyfix), a friend of mine who has an amazing blog! She has reviewed some of their products before and I am happy that I get to review one of their products for you guys!

I was sent the Hair Superfood Thickening Conditioner to test out a month or so ago, but due to the backup of blog posts and some crazy things in my personal life, I am just now getting to post this.

Let’s start off with a bit of factoids about the conditioner!

  • It is a thickening conditioner, so it is meant for thinning hair. Granted, I don’t have a problem with thinning hair, as my hair is quite thick naturally, but I still wanted to give this product a try!
  • It has a special tingling effect from the menthol and tea tree oil that are in the product. There are a lot of natural ingredients in this conditioner and I love the tingle!
  • It has Volumizing and Oil Therapy.

The conditioner is great and I really think it will be a great product for you if your hair is starting to thin out a bit and you want to get the volume back into your hair. Again, my hair is very thick, so I really can’t tell you if it made my hair thicker or not. My hair did seem to have a bit of volume to it, though, so that is a plus! The tingle is also great, especially since I used the conditioner with my Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo! Double the tingly clean effect!

I couldn’t find an exact price for the conditioner because I couldn’t find it on the website, but the conditioners on their website retail for around $12. If you are looking for a more natural conditioner that also combats thinning hair, I would suggest you give this a try!

Thank you to Maple Holistics for sending me this product!

I hope you guys have an absolutely fabulous week and don’t forget to smile!


My Wish Box Experience | A Wish For You


Hello, beauties!

About a month ago, I contacted A Wish For You, a company that sends a customized box to someone you love or to someone who you think needs a little pampering.  They let me customize a Wish box to send to someone and I am blogging about my experience working with them and ordering from them.

Now, you guys know that I am completely honest when I review something.  If the product isn’t the best, I’m not going to lie and say that it is great, even if it is a sponsored post.  If I love it, I want you guys to love it, too! With that said, let’s talk about A Wish For You!

I loved working with them! Their website is so easy to use and the person I worked with was very friendly and willing to work with me.  I really love it when a company has great customer service because it shows that they really care about who is buying their product and using their services.

So here is how A Wish For You works:

Step One: Select an item that you would like to have in your Wish box! There are a bunch of cute things to choose from and it was really hard to pick just one thing!

Once you have found your gift, you then continue on to Step 2, which is picking out the perfect card to go with your Wish box!

Then you have the option of adding a small message to the person receiving the Wish box!

It is so easy to do and your gift is something that comes from the heart! The gifts start at $10 and it is such a bargain! The boxes from A Wish For You are the perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just a little something to let someone know that you appreciate them! You get a tracking number for your order and it is very easy to see where your box is and when it is delivered to your recipient!

I customized a Wish box and had it sent to my friend Malori (you may already know her from her blog A Walk Through My Closet).  I found it hard to pick just one thing to send to her because all of the memento options from A Wish For You are all lovely! Once I found out what I wanted to send her, I picked out a cute pumpkin card and finalized my order!

This is the package I had sent to Malori! She is a huge autumn lover so the pumpkin card was perfect!

I would totally order from A Wish For You again and I recommend that you do, too!

Thank you so much, A Wish For You, for working with me! I love all of your gifts and your company is amazing!

Thank you, Malori, for sending me the photos of your Wish box!!

Have a great weekend guys and don’t forget to check out A Wish For You when you need a special gift to send to someone you love! I will have their Twitter and website links below!


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Essence & Makeup Revolution review | Recent Ulta Buy

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Hello, babes!

We are so so close to fall and I am already feeling the fall vibes! I’ve been trying new makeup looks for a fall collaboration coming soon and I am so excited to show it to you guys! It will be out sometime this month, so be on the lookout for that! Also: I am going to be doing a small Blogmas series in December and I am already have a few ideas going for that! There is already one collaboration planned out for that, BUT I am looking for more bloggers to collaborate with! If you would like to collaborate with me for a Blogmas post that is all things festive and glitzy, please leave a comment below with your information or send me an email at! I would love to work with you!

Okay, now that the announcements are out of the way, let’s jump into the reviews!

I went to Ulta this past Thursday and I was looking for a few things that were affordable and good quality. Granted I have never tried any products from Essence before now, so I had no clue if their products were great, but when I saw the display and how affordable the products were, I knew I had to give them a try! I picked out the Essence Cover Stick in “10 Matt Naturelle” and the gel nail polish in “53 Rock My World”. The cover stick was around $3 and the nail polish was $2, so they are really affordable!

The cover stick is fantastic! I was in desperate need of a good concealer and while I am not really a huge fan of concealer sticks, this one is one of my favorites now. It has great coverage without feeling super heavy and it is buildable. I just put some on my under eyes, nose, chin, and some on my forehead and blend out for great coverage and a good look. I don’t wear foundation much anymore, so a good concealer is great for me. Essence has done a marvelous job! The formula is really creamy and smooth, not streaky or too thick.

The nail polish is a dark grey/charcoal color that I am now in love with. I do recommend using two coats and not just one, like I did. It does cover really nicely, but there are a few streaky spots. If you are in a rush and only have time for one coat, be generous and you’ll do fine!


Next up is the Lip Amplification lip gloss from Makeup Revolution! The Makeup Revolution glosses were on sale for $2.49 that day, so I figured I should pick one up! I purchased the shade “Conviction” and while it looks like a dark brown in the package, it is actually a dark berry shade. When you build it up, it almost looks brown/black, but I rather like it. The formula is pretty good and it goes on smoothly. I had to apply it twice to make sure I had an even look and zero streaks. I’m a big fan of Makeup Revolution and I loved this gloss!

All of the products are absolutely awesome and I hope you check them out the next time you are at Ulta!

Have a great weekend, my loves! Don’t forget to smile and take your fabulous sass wherever you go!


Review: Gigi’s Beauty Haven

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Welcome back to Glitz and Glitter! Today’s review is over a few sample products from a fabulous company called Gigi’s Beauty Haven. The lovely Brittni sent me a packet of samples and I reviewed them over this past week.

(I apologize for the lack of photos! I totally forgot to take any after I opened the package and I got so excited that I tried out a few products immediately!)


The first product that I tried was the Energy soap. The small bar of soap lasted me a long time, in fact, I still have some!  It smells really great and doesn’t dry out my skin, so major plus!

The lotion bar (“I Put a Spell On You”) is really great! It leaves a oily shine on the skin but it absorbs quickly, so there isn’t a lot of residue. I would use this product during the winter when I get dry skin and apply it to the back of my hands.

The Manchurian Dragon whipped body cream is a really light lotion that is moisturizing and smells awesome. It’s got a fruity and feminine scent to it and it would be perfect for spring.

The next product is the watermelon shower jelly. It has to be my favorite product that I received! It is a sweet watermelon scent that is exactly what I like in a summer type body wash or product. I had never used shower jelly before so I was quite surprised to use one. If you haven’t used shower jelly before, just imagine using Jello in the shower. It’s actually really fun to use!

Also in the packet was a mint sugar foot scrub (Pedi-Mint). If you are looking for a hard scrub, this isn’t the foot scrub for you. The minty scent is great and the scrub works well if you have just used a foot file and want a softer and more polished look. But if you just want to use a scrub and not a file, I don’t think this would work well for you. My tip is to use a foot file, then use this scrub, and then moisturize. That worked really well for me. Overall, I loved this product!

The only product that I was unable to try was the Black Magic fizzy bath soak. I only use my tub to shower in and the plug leaks, so I can’t really take baths, unfortunately. But the product smells amazing and I am sure that it would work wonders!

Gigi’s has also added a lot of new products to their shop, so go check out all of their awesome products! They are a cruelty free brand, made by hand, and 98-100% natural.

The website is linked below and Brittni’s social medias will be linked also. If you are wanting to order from them, order through Brittni! She is a wonder to work with. Tell her Mimi from Glitz and Glitter sent ya!

Gigi’s sells salves, shower jellies, bath products, lotions, shower steamers, and so many more amazing products, including jewelery! They have also added a ton of new products! I am definitely going to keep Gigi’s in mind the next time I am ordering products. They quality is superb and the prices are affordable. You can’t beat that!

Until next week!



Info for Gigi’s:

Twitter: @GigiBeautyHaven

Instagram: @gigisbeautyhaven



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// Mario Badescu Facial Spray Review //

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badescu spray

Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater is a product that I have been dying to try! It’s claim to fame is that it refreshes skin and relieves complexions that are tight and dehydrated, so we shall see if it works!

I went to Ulta and purchased the 2 fluid ounce bottle from the travel section for $5. This products works on all skin types and is paraben free! Woo! Another thing that I adore about it is that it is cruelty free! You can also set your makeup with it, so I will definitely have to try that! I am out of setting spray at the moment, so hopefully this will work just as well!

The directions say that you can spray the product over your face, neck, and hair, but I just sprayed it on my face and neck.

If you don’t like the smell of roses, I do not recommend that you buy this product. It smells like a fresh bouquet of roses, so if you aren’t a fan of rose scents, this probably isn’t the product for you.

I wish that I would have purchased this sooner! It made my face feel fresh and tighter (way to go, honest packaging!), which I really love. It ended up getting in my hair anyway, but that was just a bonus. It smells amazing and just gives your skin a boost! I do recommend that you let it dry all the way before touching your skin. It has a slight sticky feel to it and almost feels like touching tacky makeup that is on oily skin. That is the only downside of this product that I see. After taking a tissue and blotting my face with it, the stickiness wasn’t nearly as bad as before. (Note: it’s been about an hour and a half since I blotted with a tissue and now my face feels totally normal again. The extra oiliness feeling is gone!)

My skin looked like it was glowing and overall really healthy! This gets an 8/10 for me.

Links to the Mario Badescu website and the product will be below!

Have you tried this product before? Let me know in the comments below!

See you next Monday!

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Self-Care and My Favorite Products!

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If you have been to my house and stepped foot into my bathroom, you have seen the mess that lives on the counter tops. From facial cleansers to face masks and everything in between, I love it all! I have purchased so many face washes, cleansers, and moisturizers to finally have a favorite that makes my skin happy and it makes me happy. If you are looking for a few new body care products to try out, check out my favorites below!

· F A C E ·

My favorite cleanser is the Avon Anew Ultimate 7S cleaner. I use it in the morning and at night and it makes my skin feel so amazing. It also is supposed to help with removing makeup, but I use it after I use makeup wipes. I have noticed that it takes off whatever is left, though, so that’s a bonus! It smells great, too! Since it feels light, I’ll use it when I get home from shopping or spending the day outside and it gives my face a renewed feeling. I totally recommend getting this cleanser if you are looking for a new one!

anew cleanser


Since about two years to a year and a half ago, my face broke out with blackheads and pimples that never seemed to go away no matter what special acne products I would use. It would die down a little but then explode once again when that time of the month came around. Around four months ago, I had a coupon for any Bioré® face wash and I picked out the Baking Soda Pore Cleanser. I was really skeptical because I tried a lot of different baking soda DIYs for clear skin and they never seemed to work. I decided to give it a week straight of using this cleanser in the morning when I woke up and before I went to bed at night. Let me tell you, this stuff is amazing! It cleared up my skin and I have been able to keep breakouts under control with it. When my acne will flare up, I’ll start using this wash and then everything is fine a few days later. I would also use Clearasil acne pads and that also helped combat my acne. The wash by itself works, so you don’t have to double up like I did. The Bioré® wash is around $6 and for the amount of product you get, it is totally worth it!









One word: Aveeno®. Their Positively Radiant skin care line is amazing! I’ve used their Positively Radiant face wash and In-Shower 60 second mask before and wowza! My skin looks so radiant (wow, no kidding) and dewy after I use either of them. The face wash smells wonderful and foams up a little bit when you rub it on your face. My face feels clean and looks glowing after I use those two products and it is worth every penny.



The best face mask that I have tried has got to be the Danielle Creations® Rejuvinating Eucalyptus Sheet Mask. I mentioned this product and a few others in my previous post, so you may have seen it there. The masks came in a pack of 5 for $5 at Ross, so I couldn’t pass it up! I’ve used a few of the masks since I bought it and I am in love! It’s cooling, refreshing, and totally wonderful! I don’t know of any other places where you can buy them besides Ross and have such a deal, but it wouldn’t hurt to look around. If you find these while you are shopping, buy them! You won’t regret it!

DC mask


On to moisturizers!

My favorite moisturizer to use is Pond’s® Anti-Wrinkle Cream. It feels great and I honestly love the way it smells. When I purchased it, my allergies were so bad that I couldn’t smelly anything but my friend said that it smelled like something a grandmother would wear. Quite frankly, I didn’t care because all I wanted was a new moisturizer that would make my skin feels soft and fresh. Ladies and Gents, this is the best moisturizer that I have encountered. It has a baby powder scent to it but I really like it. Maybe your grandmother actually uses this but hey, she knows that this stuff is gold. Not only are you moisturizing your face but you are helping with wrinkles! Two for one! I bought a 1.75 ounce jar and it was under $2, so if you just want to try it out, go for a small travel size.

ponds cream


I know I talked about this product in my last post also, but I am bringing it back! The Burt’s Bees® Sensitive Eye Cream with Cotton Extract is amazing! I use it after I wash my face and my eyes feel so much better. It is supposed to help reduce the look of puffiness and I am pretty sure it does. My eyes don’t feel puffy anymore, so even if it doesn’t look better, they feel better and that is all that matters to me. I bought mine on clearance at Walmart for $1.50 and I regret not buying the other few that they had. Once I run out of this one, I will definitely buy another one!







I like having soft lips at all times and when they get dry, it’s time for exfoliation and lip balm! The best exfoliator that I have used is the E.L.F.® mint sugar scrub. It comes in a lipstick tube and you just rub it on your lips and then wipe off. Any dry skin is gone and my lips feel so much better. Put on some lip balm and you are good to go!



White teeth have become something that everyone is dying to get and will spend hundreds to obtain. I tried for a long time to get white teeth that would pass the coveted “tissue test” and I would never pass. I didn’t care what the product was, honestly, as long as my teeth were white and shiny. After trying out so many different rinses, tooth pastes, and whitening gels, I gave up. My teeth were never awful, but I wanted white teeth. Since using all of those products, my teeth have gotten lighter. The only thing that I am using right now is the Colgate Optic White® tooth paste. It has worked and I am happy with the results. My tip: make sure that whatever you are using is safe for your teeth. You can destroy your enamel by using products that are harsh on your mouth. This tooth paste is anti-cavity also. I regret trying out so many different whitening products, so learn from me! Don’t go crazy! Just be happy with the teeth you have and if you want to whiten them, do your research!






· B O D Y ·

I love lotion. It is as simple as that. After buying enough at Bath and Body Works to be a partner in the company, I should stop buying lotion, period. But does that stop me? Heck. No. I still buy lotion and even though I know I should use what I have, a bottle of lotiony goodness still ends up in my shopping cart. Even with all of the fragrant lotions that I love, I find that going back to the basics isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you just need a bottle of Cocoa Butter to get you through the day!

Cocoa Butter is heaven in a bottle! If you have dry skin, use cocoa butter! If you are trying to get baby soft skin, use cocoa butter. Did you just shave your legs and don’t want ashy skin? Cocoa Butter! It is a staple product that you need in your life! It smells so good! Cocoa Butter is pretty affordable so go to your store and buy one! I use the Equate® brand (Walmart’s generic) and it was under $3, I’m pretty sure. It’s worth it! Buy it! Your skin will thank you!

cocoa butter







Olay! No, not that “olé”. The brand Olay®! (Yes, that was so lame. No, I do not regret it at all. Hehehe!) Olay® has some of the best body washes that I have ever used! They smell amazing and they are moisturizing! Right now I am using the Birch Water and Lavender body wash and I am in love with it! It smells fresh and clean, but it has a slight perfume hint to it. It isn’t overwhelming, though, so that is one of the reasons why I love it! I paid about $4 for a really tall bottle of it and they last a really long time, so it’s worth it!



I just recently discovered vitamin E oil and I’m sad that I didn’t find it sooner. There are so many things that you can do with it! I used it on my feet to see if it would be the moisturizing healer that I heard it would be and wow, it worked. It didn’t give me baby soft feet like lotion does, but it seemed to absorb deep into my skin so my feet didn’t feel dry anymore. I think if you put on the oil then pumice your feet after the oil has soaked in, your feet would be like brand new. I’m trying that method soon and I hope it works out how I think it will!

vitamin e oil


Perfume can be a wonderful thing if used in the right amount. You don’t need to shower in it! I think a lot of people still need to learn that a little can go a long way when it comes to perfume. Please don’t wear half of the bottle in one go. You will choke out every single person that you pass. You could have the best perfume in the entire world, but if you use too much of it, you just ruined it. Believe me, I understand. Tip: rub a little Vaseline® on your wrists and then spray perfume on it. The fragrance will stay longer and absorb better.

My favorite perfume in the entire world is Coach. It is my signature scent and I am sad that I am out of it. I was given a sample of it when I was shopping at Ulta and I made that tiny tube of perfume last for as long as I could. It’s so feminine and it makes me feel pretty and put together. For some odd reason it is kind of like aromatherapy for me. The smell of that one perfume makes my stress go away and I feel calmer. I have no clue why, but it does! The next time you are in Ulta, JC Penny, or another store that has a large perfume selection, test out this perfume!

coach perfume


That is all I have for this post! What are your Ride Or Die products? Tell me in the comments below! I’m always looking for something new!

See you next week!


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