The BEST Items For a Cozy Bedroom (You NEED These!)

Hi, friends!

I hope you are all doing okay and enjoying the nicer weather we have been getting! I know it has been such a relief here from the cold and ice!

Something I have been working on at home lately is turning more of my spaces into cozy ones. My bedroom is still a work in progress but I’ve gotten my bathroom turned into a cute little space that I like! This is my list of all the best things to turn your room into a cozy space where you enjoy spending your time!


Candles are my favorite addition to any room because they are super cute and one candle has the power to fill an entire room with a great scent! My favorites are from Bath and Body Works, and they have sales pretty consistently so the candles get priced to $16! They are big 3-wick candles and $16 each is a steal!

Get a Plant!

A plant is going to cozy up your room instantly! Depending on the lighting of your boudoir, I highly recommend a plant that doesn’t require a lot of light. My favorite plant for a bedroom is a lucky bamboo pot. It doesn’t need a lot of light (6-10 feet away from a window!) and just needs to be watered pretty often. That’s it! If you are scared to keep a plant alive, feel free to get a few fake ones and put them in cute pots! Hobby Lobby has cute pots on sale for 40% off and they have coupons on their website. TJ Maxx and Home Goods also have affordable fake plants!


Another great way to add fragrance and cleanse your room is by lighting incense! You can find a big selection online, on Etsy small businesses, and at local crystal shops! I love cleansing my space before I go to sleep and when I need clarity!

Here’s an Etsy shop that has affordable incense in bulk!

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a cheaper way to add a little color and texture to your space with minimal effort. My favorite places to find cheap pillows are Five Below (they are mostly $5!) and At Home. Ross and TJ Maxx are also great places to look and while they are a little bit more expensive, their pillows are stylish too!

Soft Blankets

The power a soft blanket has on a bed is amazing. I have a soft white blanket that I drape across the edge of my bed and it brings up the style by ten points instantly! Pro tip: a white blanket makes a great backdrop for pictures and flatlays! I picked mine up at Ross for under $15! They have a ton of different blanket sizes and textures to choose from and they are all in a good price range.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Whether you believe in the power of essential oils or not, they are one of my favorite things to put in a bedroom. I love diffusing lavender oil before I go to bed and it sets the vibe and mood for sleep.

Cute Signs and Decor

My room changed once I started decorating with pieces that I actually liked! I have been able to curate my spaces based on my taste and how I feel. My style tends to change every two or three years, and I like to donate items when I want to get new things! I also recommend trying to sell unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace. It’s an easy way to get extra cash and you can opt to only sell with porch pick up or shipping for no contact with strangers during the pandemic!

I like to check local small businesses for decor and wall prints, but if I can’t find anything that I like from there, then I go to TJ Maxx or Target! The Bullseye Stop area at Target is always bringing new seasonal styles for tech gear, decor, and kitchen items, and everything is typically under $5!

When you find super cool finds, tag me on Instagram! I love seeing what you guys buy and decorate your home with! My IG is @mimiolson08!

Happy shopping, friends!

Featured image by Veronika Jorjobert on Unsplash

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