Welcome To Glitz & Glitter!

Copy of Glitz & Glitter


Hello there!

I’m Mimi and this is my life! This is the second blog I have ever made and hopefully the last.

Coming up with a title took me a while and I finally settled on Glitz & Glitter, which pretty much sums me up! I’m very girly and I love glittery things, so I figured the title was perfect.

Here will be all of my journeys, tales, and everything in between! Honestly, nothing super extraordinary has happened so far, but on the path of life, who knows what will be around the next bend!

A little about me:

I am an aspiring writer on Wattpad and I am an editor for Truth Magazine there. We are pretty fun, so check us out!

I use Pinterest way too much and I can stay on there for hours. I’m also really random, so you will go from beauty pins to Nicholas Cage memes pretty quickly.

If you are into rom-coms, I will be your best friend and I will bring snacks to movie night!

I’m a really open book, so drop me a comment and I will be happy to chat with you!

Welcome to my life!


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