My Relaxation Spa Routine

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Everyone needs to take a few hours every now and then to just treat themselves! That can be going out to dinner and having a fancy meal, staying in and watching movies, or simply having a spa night!

If you need a few ideas to have your own spa night, here is my routine!

I start off my relaxation spa routine by cleansing my face. The face cleanser/wash I use is  Anew Ultimate 7S from Avon, but you can also buy it from Amazon. It’s a really gentle cleanser but it makes your face feel fresh and it smells great!

After my face is good and clean, I’ll pull up my hair and put on a sheet mask! Sheet masks are great and I use one every week. If you are looking for a mask that gives your skin a radiant glow, I suggest the TonyMoly I’m Real Pearl Luminating Sheet Mask. All you have to do is put it on, wait, and then rub in the remaining gel onto your face! It gives your skin a healthy glow and it is really affordable!

tony moly


My favorite mask ever is the Rejuvenating Face Sheet Mask in Eucalyptus from Danielle Creations. I first came across this brand at Ross and I bought a box that had 5 masks for $5. At a dollar per face mask, I figured why not! This mask also smells amazing and my skin tingled a little while I was wearing it. 15 minutes later, I took off the mask and my skin felt amazing! It was a cooling mask and the tingles made my skin feel refreshed. I do recommend that you go to Ross and buy the pack from them. This 5 pack of face masks is $10 on Amazon and the quantity is limited, so your best bet is finding them at Ross.


Once I’ve taken my face mask off, I like to put a little eye cream on my under eyes to give them a little pep. My go-to eye cream is the Burt’s Bees Sensitive Eye Cream because it doesn’t make my skin red or have a bad reaction. I trust the Burt’s Bees brand and their eye cream is amazing! If you are in need of a new and affordable eye cream, try one of theirs!


After my skin is hydrated and feeling fresh, I move on to my nails! Since summer is right around the corner, I like using bright colors and wearing them as beacons of summer vibes! My current nail color is “Pretty as a Pink-ture” by Morgan Taylor and it is a great summer color! The hot pink color is bold and makes your nails stand ouy among the crowd!


pinkture color

Find a fun summer color and paint away!

However you decide to relax, have fun and take that special time for you!

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